About FatHappy Media

FatHappy Media is a full-service video production company based in New Orleans, LA. We create branded films to help our clients succeed at a variety of goals, and we develop original entertainment series for the web and tv.


Our client process begins with a discovery phase. We learn about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. From there, we’ll work with you to develop possible video concepts and distribution strategies to best achieve your goals within your budget. We’ll talk to you about what great visuals exist within your organization, what interesting characters we could meet or create for you, and most importantly, what stories will speak to your audience.

When we move into production, our experienced crews will execute those stories with passion & professionalism, bringing to bear a wide variety of tools & techniques that contemporary camera and post-production technologies have made accessible at reasonable budgets.


We own a range of cameras, from small & nearly indestructible GoPros (sure, let’s put that indestructibility to the test) to a 4K Sony FS700 cinema camera. We’ve got motorized gimbal stabilizers of different capacities so we can execute beautiful cinematic camera moves without needing a large crew and dolly track. We’ve also got a variety of professional lighting for different location requirements, and green screens for when no real-world location will meet your needs.


When your media is ready for post-production, we’ll color-grade your footage for an elegant, flat cinematic or brightly colored TV-friendly look, depending on what’s right for the project. We’ve got in-house motion graphics and animation capabilities as well to add additional layers to your project, or to build a project that’s created entirely digitally. We can also create custom music for you, or work with you to find the perfect existing, licensable music to amplify the emotional effect of your project.

And most importantly, we understand that all of those fancy cameras and software are simply tools that support the most important element: your story. 


So feel free to give us a call at 504.233.2354 or send an e-mail to team@fathappymedia.com. We look forward to helping you tell your story!